Bobsled: Noelle, Lauren and Danica

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Bobsled: Noelle, Lauren and Danica
20 Apr 2018
In the last year with Bobsled we've worked with several people, and despite the numerous change-up in our go-to contact person, each of them, most recently Noelle and Lauren (Danica we've been working with for a while and she is fab--always on the ball and makes the complex seem simple) have been consistently awesome and our revved up sales speak for themselves. First was Noelle whose super positive attitude and outside-the-box thinking in terms of strategies such as EBC and reviews and backend key words, etc) breathed new life into our store. We were sad to lose Noelle (who no doubt moved up and into a more comprehensive position) but Lauren has been fantastic in the couple months we've worked with her. She stays on top of any issues we have with Amazon so that we can focus on other aspects of our business. Amazon can be such a headache and Bobsled makes it much more manageable.
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