Highly impressed! Professional, responsive and responsible

A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by dyatchyna
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Highly impressed! Professional, responsive and responsible
20 Apr 2018
I work for Private Equity Fund and our office is based in Kiev, Ukraine. I was looking for a lawyer consultation regarding one of the Amazon Sellers we acquired a few years ago. By googling I found 7 law firms that provided such consultations, CJ’s company Amazon Sellers' Lawyer (ASL) was one of them. I’ve tried to reach all of 7 but I need to admit that even with nice websites and etc it seems that it might be easy to reach them when you call few times or they can reply to the email you sent but it wasn’t so.

So I’ve reached ASL from the first call and spoke with Brett and he clearly gives me all the information I need, and he offered also that none of the reached companies did - to send the documentation for CJ’s to take a look before the meeting and after they will be able to say how many hours we need in our case or maybe even half an hour or just a paid writing reply. Also, the price for an hour was ok compared to others.

After I’ve received all the documents from my management and all the case explanation I’ve understood that we might be enough with only consultation or even a few so I’ve reached ASL again, sent documentation and spoke with Gary and after explaining my case he kindly offer me 10-15 min free call with CJ’s to give me the overview of our situation, our chances in this case and best strategy.

Oh my God! How I love to speak with such professionals like CJ. In 10 min I clearly got answers to two of my questions and ways to solve our issue. And it was a real pleasure for me and as was promised the next day I’ve received the documentation from Brett (we spoke with CJ’s during his day but here we have a night so it was very important for me to have the answer my next day to discuss it already with my boss).

It was last week and for now, I’m still receiving more and more new information from my management regarding our issue which opened new questions so I’ve reached ASL again saying I have new info which they didn’t know before and this might affect our strategy. And again they were so nice and reachable and connect me with ?J for few minutes so I’ve shortly explained new facts and again he impressed me with his clear answer and even for now without signed contract said that he on connection and etc.

For me it is very important for the people you are dealing with are compulsory, professional, responsive and responsible - that’s what I can say about CJ’s, Brett and Gary. These guys are just awesome - I’m highly impressed!
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