Channel Advisor falsely advertises their services

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Channel Advisor falsely advertises their services
25 Apr 2018
Unfortunately, the company I work for (The Felt Store) had a terrible Channel Advisor experience not only once, but twice.
Back in 2013 we tried using Channel Advisor for their Digital Marketing services but had to stop using their services because we encountered too many technical difficulties. At the end of 2016 Channel Advisor reached out to us again to help us manage the products we sell on marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. We opted to purchase 2x Launch Plus and 2x Launch Assist services (totaling $5,500) to help set up two of our internet companies on both Amazon and Walmart. We opted for this service because we had encountered difficulties in the past with product uploads. During our sales meetings with Channel Advisor we were told things such as, “We [Channel Advisor] will do all the heavy lifting for you. Clients do the Launch Plus because they want to tap into the immediate revenue of Walmart. We’ve seen Launch Assists take 4-5 weeks, I’ve seen Launch Plus’s take 2-3 weeks”. We entered into a one-year agreement with Channel Advisor, with monthly payments of $2,700 as a subscription fee. However, 7 months later we were still not set up on even ONE marketplace. We were encountering product upload errors that we had never experienced when uploading directly to Amazon and then expected to trouble shoot those errors. We wasted an immense amount of time in trying to communicate with Channel Advisor, but at the end of the day had no working product to show for it. At the 7 months mark we decided to cut our losses and stop wasting more of our resources in trying to get a system set up that wasn’t working. We requested a refund for the $2,700 monthly subscription fee that we had been paying up until that point. Channel Advisor refused, and additionally has taken us to collections demanding payments until the end of the annual contract despite their lack of delivery. It is hard not to feel robbed in a situation like this.

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