Amazon Sellers Lawyer will resolve your issue with Amazon

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Amazon Sellers Lawyer will resolve your issue with Amazon
25 Apr 2018
I had watched CJ’s informational videos and read his blogs even before even meeting him. Once I hired him, I already felt like I knew him. But that is something CJ does. He makes you aware and comfortable that he is taking care of you. To be fair, I have also researched and talked with the other major consultants that offer Amazon appeal and suspension services. They are knowledgable and smart as well but there was a big difference working with an experienced attorney versus a consultant.
That is not the only reason why I chose to work with CJ. He and everyone you encounter at Amazon Sellers Lawyer are extremely kind, dedicated, professional and knowledgable about what they do. When you work with ASL, you instantly realize that whatever issues you are encountering with Amazon; it is going to be handled by the very best in the industry. My situation with amazon required arbitration and I am convinced that there is no other attorney that could have done a better job than CJ. He defended my case and fought hard to do it .He fights for amazon sellers in a way that no one else can because they really do not have the credentials, tactics, or knowledge that CJ possesses. CJ did not skip a beat. His performance was flawless. There is just no comparison and if there is ever an issue that I encounter with Amazon again, I am marching right back to ASL to get the situation handled the right way.
- Julie U
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