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Disgusted by their attitude to customers

A review of Wonder Lister by Laptopscrewsdirect
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Disgusted by their attitude to customers
27 Apr 2018
June 2017 i signed up for a 14 day trial with WonderLister and like with a lot of trials i never got around to using it as i was too busy.
To my horror a few weeks back i was searching for some transactions in paypal and saw that i had paid $25 per month for the past 10 months.
i hadnt even loaded wonderlister or used it so i was a bit upset i had spent $250.

I emailed wonderlister support saying that i didnt realise that my trial had to be cancelled or money would be taken for a monthly subscription and that i had paid for 10 months without realising and i asked if they would refund my money or give me 10 months subscription and the customer support were very rude and replied saying

"This is the first time in our 4 years of existence that someone did not pay attention to their payment for as long as 10 months and at the end of that 10 months turn around and blame us for that! To do that is just plain injustice on your part, to say the least"

i never blamed them for anything i just said that i had thousands of transactions going through paypal and dont check through them. so i was asking them to do the decent thing and refund me for a service i didnt even realise i was paying for. i the asked the support for details of a senior contact so i could put my case forward and they just ignored my emails.

so based on my experience i would never ever recommend them to anyone. I wanted to give 0 stars but it wouldnt let me .
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Re: Disgusted by their attitude to customers
29 Apr 2018

Wish you had told the complete truth. The absolutely very first email to our support was (partly reproduced verbatim):

"i do not get emails from paypal, i have thousands of transactions going through paypal and dont spend my time checking through them.

i am a very busy busy businessman and it is easy to start trials and then completely forget about them which i agree is my fault but i dont agree that you have taken $250 of my money without me using your services.

i am asking you again to refund my money or i will take this further in a court of law.

either give me 10 months free and i will start using WonderLister or refund my money"

(a) If you are so busy in handling your other business activities and did not pay attention to your Payments as well as (b) failed to read the terms and conditions of the subscription you are entering into which PayPal clearly shows you before you are asked to accept them,

(By the way, We do NOT charge you, you are charged by PayPal based on the terms and conditions of your PayPal subscriptions and PayPal makes it very clear when you will get charged BEFORE you are asked to accept the terms, after all we use PayPal as indeed they are one of the largest Payment Processor in the world), how can you blame us for your negligience! Not only that, you clearly threatened us with legal action! This is how you started the very first conversation. So, you put a gun on our head and expected us to do your way or you will shoot us. And when that tactic of yours did not work, you found this cheap route of trying to damage our reputation by posting negative review here as clearly it does not cost you a dime to post here, so, there is nothing for you to lose?

And what you conveniently forgot to mention that we still in the spirit of reconciliation offered you 3 months of free subscription!


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Re: Disgusted by their attitude to customers
21 Dec 2018
@chris.sullivan That reply definitely suggest poor judgement. No need to continue reading more reviews.
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