Horrid Experience eBay sales decreased 70%

A review of CrazyLister by brandonlv
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Horrid Experience eBay sales decreased 70%
30 Apr 2018
Concept is great, have more professional looking listings. My experience was the complete opposite.

I created a template and applied it to approximately 300 listings. There was an error in the code and the template was not being displayed. The rep could not fix it and during the first weekend I had 1/3 of the sales that I have been having.

After 5 days I removed the template which reverted all of my listings back to original text, changed all of the store categories on ALL of the listings, and removed my html coded table that was on about half of the listings.

I lost tremendous sales since this happened. Spent over 3 weeks getting my listings back to where they were before applying the template. Now over the last week my listing impressions have decreased 50% when they had been on a steady rise (~10% every couple of weeks since starting back in December) and I have approximately 200 more listings then when I applied their template.

If you're planning on using this service, DO NOT apply to all of your listings.

It also took me over a week to get a refund. Horrible, horrible experience.
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Re: Horrid Experience eBay sales decreased 70%
8 May 2018
Hey @brandonlv,
Thanks for the review! We believe that all reviews, good and bad, are important. The team here at CrazyLister always strives to improve and your review definitely pushes us to work harder.
As for your experience with CrazyLister, I would like to apologize that our customer service was not up to your expectations. I'm sorry you didn't reach out to us sooner and we would have cleared everything up!
I also saw that our CEO personally reached out to you and offered you a period of CrazyLister service at no cost should you ever decide to give us a second chance.
Looking forward to that "second chance" opportunity to change your mind about CrazyLister

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