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The best for us

A review of ShipWorks by arjackson83
United States United States
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Joined: May 4, 2018
The best for us
4 May 2018
Different businesses will have different needs, but ShipWorks has been the best for us. We tested ShipStation and some other options before choosing Shipworks, and occasionally since to make sure we still have the best choice available to us.

For the sake of this review we'll compare a couple things to Shipstation, since that's probably the other most commonly used service. We won't even mention shipping directly through marketplaces, because frankly either service is better than that.

Shipworks has a few features that edged it out, some key ones to us were:

-More flexibility in the "rubber stamps" portion of labels as far as order information goes. Shipstation is easier to adjust because it's drop-down based, but Shipworks allows more formatting and data options that are useful to us since we have long SKUs.

-More control over automatic downloads from marketplaces. With Shipworks you don't have to manually instigate a download to make sure it updates frequently, you can set times to download easily.

-Local hosting in our experience means easy access to past order information, and easier editing of orders when needed.

-Lastly, which is huge to us, is how well it works with SkuVault. We love SkuVault and have no intentions of changing to a different inventory software, Shipworks and SkuVault get along perfectly. SkuVault has a very good relationship with them, and can help tweak settings to get the best out of the integration.
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