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What a great solution for finding Freelance VA's

A review of FreeeUp by Josh.s
United States United States
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Joined: May 4, 2018
What a great solution for finding Freelance VA's
4 May 2018
We have been working with upwork and similar site for a long time. there was always issues, The freelancer not understanding what they are supposed to do, Not doing the job right, Logging more hours then what they projected, Simply disappearing in the middle of a job and not having anyone at the marketplace to talk to to get it resolved, Getting a million applications with non relevant cover letters, and all other issues. Well, I found the solution by FreeeUp they did a really nice job taking care of everything. If there is an issue they will just take care of you right away. If you are on other freelancer websites stop wasting your time and go to FreeeUp.
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