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dishonet people! Do not buy!!!

A review of American Merchandise Liquidators by danerf
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dishonet people! Do not buy!!!
8 May 2018
AML is a S C A M !! Do not buy anything from them. I spent 8k for a load that was supposedly good, I was told it might be 10-15% that would be not any good. They sent me a SALVAGE LOAD! Broken junk, non repairable, I could not even sell the parts to try and make my money back. I lost my shirt on this. Phillip Wetherington who "helped me" with this truckload was absolutely no help after I told him the problem. They offered me another truckload at a discount! Why would I want more worthless junk when they already made money off the first load I bought. These guys are **** artists.Do not buy!!!!
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