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After 5 months they're still excellent

A review of ShipWorks by Dustin Snow
Carnegie, OK United States
Dustin Snow
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Joined: Jan 23, 2018
After 5 months they're still excellent
8 May 2018
What was good about this product or service overall?

The ShipWorks software has changed our business plan. We have been 95% B2B for 90 years. With Shipworks software we can sell direct to homeowners at a scale large enough that we can shift our focus from B2B to retail. For us Shipworks isn't only shipping software, it also helps us monitor inventories with ease and accuracy. We sell on different platforms that all integrate with Shipworks, therefore we can account for product as it leaves as well as monitor orders placed for later shipment.

Could anything have been better?


How was the support?

After a short 5 month relationship with Shipworks, we are still receiving excellent support. Whatever they're doing to train, educate, and motivate the support staff is incredible. They are always willing to help. They have never "huffed" when I've called in. They don't yawn during conversations. They have never made me feel like they needed to hang up to get to the next guy. The go above and beyond to help with any need we have had.
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