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A review of Solid Commerce by Izzie
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Not so SolidCommerce
10 May 2018
There are a lot of problems within Solid.

They like to shove the excel tool down your throat and the excel tool is unreliable as best. Instead of moving things from one warehouse to another it made duplicates of everything and deleted the quantity field. So now not only do I have to go back through and delete the duplicates, but I have to also recount everything.

Any time I have an issue and try to "chat" with support, I am not helped right away. Instead I am given a response of "Let me look into this. What is the best way to reach you?" Every time I get a support person that actually knows what is going on, they end up "no longer working with the company" within weeks of our first conversation. The most frustrating thing with support is a lot of times they just tell me to refresh or close the browser and reopen and that's the solution. Having to do that multiple times a day is more than mildly frustrating.

The system likes to log you out and kick you out of whatever you are in the middle of doing. Even if you're actively working, it still times out. There are also a lot of simple functions that don't work within their website. Select all in search result is just an example of the many functions that only work when it wants to. The displayed shipping options and the actual shipping options are two completely different things.
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