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Shipping to Amazon FBA in Australia

Australia Australia
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Shipping to Amazon FBA in Australia
13 May 2018
Hi All,
As some of you would already know, Amazon has recently opened it's first FBA warehouse in Australia. The response has been amazing so it's time for you to take advantage of the early sign up discounts and get your products listed.
If you are looking for a local warehouse in Melbourne to accept your international shipment, prepare to Amazon FBA requirements and ship to the DC - you should try this company....
They are a very professional and easy to deal with business with rates far less expensive than you would expect.
They can also help with the international freight forwarding of your products to Australia as well as offer advice on business structure in Australia.
China China
Eagle Eyes
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Re: Shipping to Amazon FBA in Australia
23 May 2018
it seems it is your logitic company? or you ever used their service? how is it?

it is amazing that Amazon is running more internationally now, they are in usa,europe, japan, then australia...

it is really the giant e-commerce company's world, full of competition.
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