Free eBay auction tool - bidCal - feedback please!

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Free eBay auction tool - bidCal - feedback please!
24 Oct 2008
We are currently gathering feedback on a new free eBay tool, and would be interested in the thoughts of this group.

bidCal is a free tool that allows eBay buyers to monitor relevant, upcoming auctions from inside their electronic calendars. This ensures that the avid Auction Watcher can identify and snipe great bargains on the items they don’t want to miss. The Auction Alerts themselves are delivered right into your calendar. Every item of interest is treated as a calendar event at the time the auction expires. This ensures bidders don’t miss out on any bid deadlines and can always quickly see the current bid price for items of interest.

For more info please go here:


We would love to hear any feedback you have about the product, both positive an negative. Hopefully with your help we will be able to make bidCal as useful of a product as possible!

- Calgoo

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