Better than expected pallets

A review of Direct Liquidation by mark2holmes
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Better than expected pallets
21 May 2018
I read Walmart was a major supplier of Direct Liquidation and couldn’t help but read more about the site. The website did not disappoint. I am waiting for my fourth pallet from them and so far it’s been all good. I’ve noticed people reporting missing merchandise in their pallets, and non responsive customer support, but I don’t know where that is coming from.

To be fair, this is liquidated merchandise, so what do you expect? I came for Walmart merchandise and that’s all I’m focusing on. And even though I expect this merchandise to be in better shape than other pallets not associated with Walmart, I still do my research and try to find out as much information as possible about the products. But enough of that. I ordered my first lot from them a couple of months back, Apple smartwatches.

It arrived as agreed, the products were as described and have already been dispatched to their new owners. The lot was graded ‘Refurbished (Grade B)’ but the watches I received did not have any obvious blemishes or scratches, there were some signs of use, but nothing out of the ordinary, some minor scratches here and there but nothing that sticks out.

As soon as I reviewed the first lot I received I ordered a couple more. Same products, same grade, and pretty much the same end result. I did have to wait for the second lot to arrive for a few days longer, but it was nothing out of the ordinary, I emailed the customer support and they answered pretty quick saying there was a bit of a backlog in the warehouse, hence the delay. I didn’t care, because when it arrived, it was exactly as described. More refurbished Apple smartwatches in good condition and minimal signs of use. I should say that maybe what I consider a ‘minimal sign of use’ could be a huge issue for someone else, but I’ve never been one to nitpick when it comes to used merchandise.

So if you want it in short, I’d recommend anyone to work with these guys. The prices are adequate I’d say, the service is exceptional and the merchandise I received is as described. So if you’d like to avoid issues, do the research, read all the available info, email or call them if you are not happy with the data available before buying anything. You will certainly not buy a used car without test driving and inspecting it. If you do, then that is all on you.

So far I’ve had nothing but good experiences with these folks and I’ll continue working with them as long as it makes sense for me.They get all the top marks from me.

In addition, I plan on ordering some lots with non-functioning smartphones. I’ve learned over the years that this type of merchandise can be fixed as easily as it malfunctions so, I want to see how many of these can be brought back to life.
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