Stay away, bait and switch.

A review of Cascadia Seller Solutions by moqueca
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Stay away, bait and switch.
23 May 2018
I had a real nightmare of a time with Cascadia and felt fully taken advantage of while in a time of desperate need. I found Cascadia via an FBA podcast and they sounded like nice, capable people, being ex-Amazon employees and all. I was grossly mistaken.

I hired Cascadia for a suspension and paid 2x the regular price to get a 4-6 hour turnaround on a first POA (plan of action) appeal, instead of the normal 2-4 days. Because I was paying for the expedited service, Rachel, a co-founder, took my case.

I paid, provided requested information, and Cascadia did not provide the first plan of action until almost two days later. The POA was promptly rejected by Amazon, I reported back to Cascadia and was told to expect a new POA draft by the following evening.

I never heard back, Rachel did not respond to my emails for days, and I had to reach out to other associates to try to figure out what was going on.

It was then that I discover Rachel & Cascadia were exhibiting at a trade show and she declined to give me any prior notice of the planned absence.

Finally, almost a week later, Rachel responded. She offered no apologies whatsoever and threw another associate on my case. The new POA was even worse than before, and when I voiced my dissatisfaction with everything and asked for a refund, Rachel became defensive and turned on me, telling me that it was my fault for breaking rules and getting suspended in the first place.

It was about 23 days from the time I hired Cascadia for "expedited" service, to the time that I fired Cascadia. In this period, they achieved no results whatsoever and their customer service was non-existent.

Ultimately, Cascadia did not take responsibility for the mishap and declined to provide a fair refund.

After comparing Cascadia's POAs to Amazon's suggested POA format and other known-working templates that I received after the fact, I doubt Cascadia would have succeeded in appealing the suspension. Cascadia does not appear to be up to industry standard in this area.

Cascadia has no primary physical office, all associates work remote and the office phone number is just an overseas virtual assistant that takes messages which mine were never responded to.

There are many competent, professional suspension specialists out there that do better work for a fraction of the price of Cascadia. And that will actually answer their phone and discuss matters, and won't promise you something they are unable to deliver. Please do not fall for this trap like I did.

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Re: Stay away, bait and switch.
22 Jun 2018

First, thank you for taking the time out of your day to provide such a detailed review!

We have a more than 95% success rate - when sellers are honest with us from the outset, no matter how bad their situation is. We even got a seller back from selling counterfeit Apple chargers once! But, when the seller tries to hide their bad choices even from us, nothing we advise or provide guidance on can possibly be successful.

At the end of the day, there is no way to account for Amazon's choices. Even the most effectively written POA - which we help to write simply and clearly to get the quickest and most effective response from non-native English speakers - can sometimes be rejected for no other reason than that Amazon has decided to be extremely picky about specific violations - which they apparently had decided to be in your case.

We'd love to discuss further directly. Thank you!

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