Finally a system that does everything you need.

A review of Selro Multi Channel by Ngandesha
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Finally a system that does everything you need.
23 May 2018
I must say how nice it is to have found a system that can actually deliver. We searched over 8 systems prior to finding this gem but none; not even the big names in the market had all the functionality required that Selro has. I haven’t had much contact with support as in 3 years of using I think we’ve only had 2 issues, but when we did our issues were resolved immediately. selro has been the pioneering forefront to the growth of our online presence. The interface is great and easy to use, new features are constantly being added. it’s nice to see a system that continues to add new features but the price has always remained the same. I must say a big thanks to all the team there, keep up the good work.
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