Best eBay Design & Service

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Best eBay Design & Service
26 Oct 2008
After looking into getting a eBay store design i have rang around various companys to find not many will do you a listing design that will update to match your store only few companys i could find that offer this valuable service for me was

Connoserv Media @ £399
PMB Design @ 399
Frooition @ £799 (For a basic store only)
Trade Merchants

Just thought i would let some people know as i hear alot of people talking of ebay designs and by far theses are the best two and now Connoserv Media have made this service possible at a cheaper price i think this opens the door to alot more ebay stores that need a boost

hope this helps

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Re: Best eBay Design & Service
26 Oct 2008
You could also try Trade Merchants, a new company specialising in eBay templates. They exhibited at the Small Business 2.0 conference.

I don't know their prices.
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Re: Best eBay Design & Service
1 Nov 2008
Hi, I had my ebay store and template done by Frooition and am happy with the results. I also had them design my website to match. Here are links to my store and website if you want a look:

Another company that does much the same is Just Template IT.
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Re: Best eBay Design & Service
3 Nov 2008
i personally think Frootion templates are very poor. although at first look they appear crisp and new, when you start comparing to other shop/designs they are all very similar. the only differences you find are colours!

we had a shop&listing designed by frootion and around 2 months later they designed our main competitor VERY similar apart from colours. we have now had ours re-designed by another company and are very pleased.

so in my opinion, if you want to be unquie & stand out - then stay away from frootion
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Re: Best eBay Design & Service
9 Apr 2009
i got my store designed for almost a tenth of the price that other ebay Store Designers offer!
i was with Frooition initially and thats when i met in forums and got a fantastic store designed for under 200usd.

these guys are good for ebay design and i think it is well worth a consideration for the great quality they offer at such price!!!!!


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