eBay Changes – Monday Morning Recap

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eBay Changes – Monday Morning Recap
27 Oct 2008
eBay Changes – Monday Morning Recap

Blurb from the POST above regarding the folks who are at risk..

For those sellers who have between a 4.1 and 4.3 DSR rating in one or more of their DSR ratings – you will definitely need to increase your ratings or your account will likely be suspended at some point. Here are a few ideas to help you increase your DSRs if you fall into that “at-risk” bucket:

1. List in Auction Format (you may use Buy It Now) – Since you are demoted in search results, ending soonest and newest in the Auction Format offers the best opportunity for your items to be seen. Unless you have rare items, low DSR ratings will put you at the bottom of Best Match search.
2. Only list items where you can offer Free Shipping. Because you are in the “at-risk” bucket, you cannot list items that have high shipping costs without the risk of further low DSRs. If you want to move the needle, you will need to offer free shipping.
3. Ship your item out immediately upon payment. If the item has not cleared PayPal, consider shipping ahead of time (weigh the risk factors – sending before cleared payment vs. low DSR for shipping time). You may wish to consider listing items where your cost is low.
4. Check and answer questions quickly. Make sure you are very specific when buyers are asking about shipping and accommodate buyer requests if at all possible.
5. Review your existing complaints and determine the root cause of the low DSRs and look at ways to ameliorate the issues. For instance, if you are a furniture seller who has high shipping cost - look for methods to help buyers understand the costs. Think about picking up the phone, calling the buyer when you ship the item and letting them know it’s on the way, and explain your shipping charges, for example.
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