need a tool I can copy and paste to from TL

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need a tool I can copy and paste to from TL
6 Nov 2008
I have decided to sack Turbo Lister after many years of use. I have been having some major picture uploading problems with it and its causing me hours of work and terrible neck stress! I need a tool I can copy and paste my listings to as I have hundreds. I sell clothing and it varies in item, colour, size etc any advice would be greatly apprecieted.
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Re: need a tool I can copy and paste to from TL
4 Dec 2008
Hi Tanstar, SpoonFeeder can do what you need, but using a method that is much faster and better than simply cutting and pasting.

SpoonFeeder can import listings, including pictures, from CSV files exported from eBay's Turbo Lister. SpoonFeeder can also import listings directly from those listed on eBay (now or in the past) regardless of the listing tool or method that originally placed the listing. In the process, the photos can also be locally downloaded to your own hard drive allowing you to rehost them using another picture hosting service or using the free picture hosting service provided by SpoonFeeder.

SpoonFeeder also now features a bulk listing editor to make it fast and convenient to edit many listings all at once. This enables you to also retarget your listings and resubmit them to eBay international sites or other third party auction websites such as,, RainWorx powered sites, and others.

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