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Auction Listing Software, Ebay Templates & Mgmt. Software
11 Nov 2008
Hi All,

We are new to the forum but spent a good deal amount of time reading most of the auction management software reviews and discussions.

We currently operate a few web retail stores online in the Toys & Hobby industry (Yes, the economy sucks right now for us!).

However, we're looking for a system that will allow us to do bulk listings (preferably through a feed), a design that will allow us to create a more "professional" look, and feed into Amazon.

Currently, we have been using seller manager pro, Turbo Lister, and did a little trial on Blackthorne but BT seems a little slow.

If we are to list products with thousands of SKU's, 4-5 different colors, in the most cost-efficient way, what recommendations would you guys have?

For now, we just want to get established on eBay before we launched into other marketplaces, but would eventually want to lead into Amazon, shopping comparison, websites in the near future (2-3 months).

so recap;

1.) Advanced/simple Ebay templates
2.) Bulk listings

We have considered Channel Advisor but not sure if that's the most cost -effective tool right now, but I like their templates that they use from their customers.

We use ShipWorks for all of our shipping and it works great for us, so that's covered.