Horrible Product, Horrible Company, Bad customer Service

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Horrible Product, Horrible Company, Bad customer Service
8 Jun 2018
What was good about this product or service overall?

The only good thing about this product was that you could end the subscription. We would be totally screwed if they didn't let us end this crap.

Could anything have been better? It is a joke program that will shut down your eBay listings even though quantity is still available. For some reason, after a sale was made they would shut down. But that's not it, the have this sku problem where you need to make new skus for Vendio just to list items on eBay. HOW DUMB? Can't I just use my own information? No because that makes it too easy.

How was the support? They are only a 2 person team. So don't think about them actually solving a problem. The system has a bevvy of errors and glitches and they are not very timely in responding. I'm saying this because you are charged for this crap.

The lack of English makes it very hard to understand their instructions. We sell on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and New Egg. We know what we're doing. These guys are just not good. Save your self the time and frustration. It will be a waste of labor in the end.
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