Misleading Software based on False Hope

A review of Prestozon by GlobalSales
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Misleading Software based on False Hope
11 Jun 2018
I used Prestozon with hope to lower my Target ACOS after re-structuring my existing 1 year old PPC account

To be completely safe - I followed exact advise given by the founder Ben (since I assume he would know best). Like Ben advised I gathered all the ST that had at least 1 sale for the past year - and put them into EXACT campaign. On top I was doing PRESTOZON suggested ST isolation and kept adding new converting ST into EXACT from Research campaign.

Ben re-assured there can't be too many keywords in one EXACT campaign.
Ben re-assured they all "should" get impressions.
Ben claimed they've successfully applied exact strategy for existing Amazon accounts and it worked.

Guess what? It didn't work for me -

ACoS is higher than before after 3 weeks of spending $40 per day on PPC. And sad thing is that Ben doesn't take responsibility for advise he has given before, he replied to few of my support tickets and then stopped replying at all.

Here is WHY Prestozon Re-Structuring strategy of existing PPC account doesn't work:

1. I had 375 converted keywords in one EXACT - and it's too much for PRESTOZON Automation to handle at $20 per day on EXACT. First of all they all don't get impressions and since bid adjustment is waiting for enough clicks on single keyword until making a change - it will take ages until PRESTOZON will adjust all the bids and sort out your ACoS.

2. adding new EXACT keywords from RESEARCH campaign on top of trying to adjust existing bids - is only delaying the process even more, since new converting ST are coming faster than bid adjustment.

3. PRESTOZON is adjusting bids slightly and then again waits for more clicks to come in. It would be much better if on top of existing bid adjustment, users could actually set their own rules that suit their tolerance of risk. It just takes too much time for PRESTOZON to sort your ACoS out.

3. in the support ticket Ben mentioned to me to test 200 keywords and adjust ACoS with PRESTOZON at conversion of 10% it will take 200/0.1 = 2000 clicks. Assuming your Cost per click is $1 = $2000 total cost until PRESTOZON actually will make a difference to your PPC...

Think about it - that's $1000 spend to adjust 100 EXACT keywords (!) - if you want it to happen in 1 month - you should be bidding $33/day on every 100 exact keywords. And that's without adding any new keywords to existing campaign - It's insane.

Private consultation with Ben by the way - is around $400/h - with advise he has given me in regards to re-structuring existing account - I don't think it's worth a dime.

I would go on and continue paying PRESTOZON $80 / month, but it seems it will take ages for it to adjust my bids.

My advise - do it yourself.
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