Which Ebay Listing tool/inventory tool works best for me?

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Which Ebay Listing tool/inventory tool works best for me?
12 Jun 2018
Which eBay Listing tool/inventory software management tool works best for me? I am having so much trouble searching for the right tool, because all of them are different, I could use some proffessional advice!

Listing Tool Requirements
1. sort completed listings into different folders
2. preview the listing before publishing
3. preview it whenever I chose (To post it on different market places later)
4. unlimited photo/listing storage
5. “Create similar listing” function
6. Custom listing designs/Custom store front designs/ compatible with “eSellerSolutions” or “dZine-Hub” or any other 3rd party custom ebay store designer
7. filter/search products in my store
11. bulk apply templates
12. We currently use autiva, Can we transfer old listings from Auctiva to the program
13. 2-3 weeks to on board

Inventory management software
1. create unlimited custom SKU and barcodes, And integrate it with a barcode scanner/printer and print it directly
2. Key in item location, shelf number etc to locate item
3. file sold items into “To be Removed/tradsey/ebay/poshmark” folders (We sell on other market places that are not supported by a lot of inventory management systems)
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Re: Which Ebay Listing tool/inventory tool works best for me
15 Jun 2018
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