The best Amazon analytics tool I've used... by far

A review of DataHawk by AngelaF
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The best Amazon analytics tool I've used... by far
13 Jun 2018
What was good about this product or service overall?

This is the most robust and cost effective Amazon analytics tool I've come across and I've used multiple in the past. I had to cancel my subscription with my previous provider because they separated the vendor and seller platforms and as a result, we lost all of our data on the vendor side. (we are a hybrid vendor/seller). One of the biggest requirements we had is a manual upload of ASINs to track instead of a direct API. This is also the only tool I've come across that allows for export of the data, which is very powerful. Our entire ecomm and product marketing team uses this tool for research, analytics, and performance tracking. I've also recommended this tool to our sister company's ecomm team.

Could anything have been better?

I think the on-page SEO analyzer can be more robust, compared to previous tools I've used. Currently it's pretty broad.

How was the support?

Great. Very fast and helpful response.
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