New Ebay Buyer Question

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New Ebay Buyer Question
29 Nov 2008
Hi Everyone,

Am a new buyer on eBay and plan to bid 12-20 times per month. Any recommendation for server based bidding (snipe) software? Software price is not a issue, I just want the best chance of getting what I bid for.


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Re: New Ebay Buyer Question
2 Dec 2008
Personally I like Gixen, which is free, or $6 per year for the "mirror" service (higher reliability and a few extra features).

I have never had Gixen miss a bid, but you can of course still be outbid by an earlier proxy (automatic) bid.

Other snipers.

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Re: New Ebay Buyer Question
3 Dec 2008
I agree. Gixen is the best and has never missed a bid for me.

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