Do not waste your time

A review of Selro Multi Channel by WolfgangW
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Do not waste your time
28 Jun 2018
We tried to use Selro for 3 months and the owner Kem was full of promises. We used two warehouses and despite assurances Selro never could get the inventory straight. Not even eBay (which is pretty much standard these days) would work properly. Constantly showing products there as out of stock while there was plenty of stock in a warehouse.
The much needed webhook for Woo works spotty at best, at times not importing products for 36 hours.
After using Selro for only three months we had to do a complete physical inventory count to just somewhat stay in the game. Selro is one of those products that promises so many features, reality is different, do yourself a favor and stay away.
On top of all this they could not even get the billing right and every month took more money than the $99 they state. They refunded the money but common how hard can this be to get right?
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Re: Do not waste your time
7 Feb 2019
I should have read some reviews earlier. Selro is a baby, just learning to walk. Hard to believe for a product what is already on the market for many years.

Selro is not able to fix issues with the Walmart integration, and just as you said, the inventory sometimes shows crazy numbers or is not updating for a day.

I spent about 8 weeks waiting for the Selro team to fix issues and get finally the Walmart installation done, with NO result. It is extremely frustrating.

The 99 bucks looks appealing, but you get what you pay for. There must be a reason why Selro is the cheapest on the market, and the leader ask 5-10 times as much for their service.
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