eBay and Amazon inventory tracking software

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eBay and Amazon inventory tracking software
2 Jul 2018
I'm sure this is a tired question but my research has been overwhelming. I need a listing/inventory software. I have an eBay store with about 1000 items, and about 200 of those listings are also on Amazon. So far I'm just selling stickers and patches, but I'm looking at some higher margin stuff to sell on Amazon. So I need a software that:

1. Tracks inventory (it would be awesome if it could upload the listings I already have but I haven't any that do that.)
2. Auto-pricing, relisting
3. Multi channel beyond Amazon and Ebay
4. A personal web store.
5. Keep my books (especially cogs)
6. Reasonably priced, under $100 per month
7. Centralized shipping

I had channeladviser a few years back, but there's a few reasons I don't want to go back. Something similar would be good though. So far the ones I've felt like would give me everything I need were too pricey. Who likes their's that gives them all these? Thanks!

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Re: eBay and Amazon inventory tracking software
31 Jul 2018
One post has been deleted because it's against our rules for suppliers to post recommending their own products.


No more posts from suppliers please unless the original poster specifically says that they wants their input. Suppliers are allowed to send PMs about their products/services.
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