Such a benefit to our business

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Such a benefit to our business
5 Jul 2018
When we started with Cloud Commerce Pro everything we did was manually done. In the morning we would print all packing slips from eBay then fulfil the orders and log onto the website of the courier and enter each delivery address, size and weight then do the next. After that we then do the same for Amazon then our web shop orders.

Now Cloud Commerce Pro handles our dsspatching, purchase ordering, updating sales channels with stock and price changes, and the ability to see real time stock. Being honest every process is now quicker and some we no longer have to do. We used to have to keep a spreadsheet for our stock control and if one or two orders were missed would cause issues, not to mention keeping our sales channels up to date.

Now we can concentrate on other areas as our stock is automatically kept up to date and the sales channels are updated.

We have a good relationship with support, we know we can call and someone will answer. If the person we need is not available someone else will try to help or a message will be left and they will call us back.

I now value the folks at CCP an integral part of our own team and feel they are really helping us move the business forward.
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