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A review of Zentail by kristavintage
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A great resource!
7 Jul 2018
What was good about this product or service overall?
I have previously been a customer at both Channel Advisor and Solid Commerce and we ultimately switched to Zentail. They are a younger company so I have found that it makes them more innovative and they are continually upgrading/improving their product. In addition, they are very responsive to issues / improvements and I can actually reach someone when I have a question or concern. Their integrations are robust with the channels and they work well. They were also extremely helpful to us with switching and integrating our data into their platform which also was superior to what we had experienced elsewhere.

Could anything have been better?
My only suggestion would be to keep innovating and adding new features. There are some features we lost compared to Channel Advisor, but the trade off with better customer service and integration functionality with some channels offsets this.

How was the support?
Support is excellent. My prior experiences with other providers they didn't return my calls and I would get limited responses to help solve problems. That has definitely not been my experience at Zentail. In fact, they are frequently reaching out to me to check in and see how we are doing. It feels like they have a vested interest in our success / growth which is a stark contrast to my experiences elsewhere.
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