Terrible Customer Service!

A review of WebInterpret by spyro
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Terrible Customer Service!
10 Jul 2018
We have been clients of WebInterpret over a year and it's been a LIKE - HATE relationship.

Their Customer Service is the worst I have ever experienced.

On the plus side - on a particularly major FUBAR, they refunded the entire amount of the customer's purchase, not just the shipping amount.

The main plus is their international shipping rates are better than we can get from UPS or FedEX, and that's why we continue using them. We are able to offer better shipping rates to Canada, AUS, UK and NZ. The frustration level and poor support make it VERY difficult to keep this service going.

If anyone has found a way to make their experience working with Webinterpret, I'd love to know how.
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Re: Terrible Customer Service!
15 Jan 2019
One post has been deleted because it's against our rules for suppliers to post recommending their own products.


No more posts from suppliers please unless the original poster specifically says that they wants their input. Suppliers are allowed to send PMs about their products/services.

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