Best way to sell suitcase of CDs?

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Best way to sell suitcase of CDs?
11 Jul 2018
Now find myself with a suitcase of CDs. Having no business experience I write to inquire if Amazon the only path? Is there a primer for one who knows nothing about this? Hoping for informed guidance

Jerome J.

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Re: Online Selling
14 Jul 2018

I do hope that 'having a suitcase of cds' is a metaphor because in the age of mp3s, streaming and downloads, unless there is something special about them you could well be stuck with them.

You can try listing them on Amazon, but as they only allow you a certain amount for postage and packing you could end up losing out.

Good luck.

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Re: Online Selling
14 Jul 2018
You could try one of the trade-in sites where you can sell the whole lot in bulk.


It would probably be a lot of work for very little reward selling individually on Amazon or eBay, unless you have some rare CDs in there.

You could try one of the scanning apps to find that out, like Profit Bandit (20 free scans, $10 per month after that), if there are hundreds of CDs and they are not just the typical bestselling albums of the last X years that most people have in their collections.
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Re: Best way to sell suitcase of CDs?
19 Jul 2018
Well if your target audience is a third world type of countries then yes there is chance to sell those CDs but i am not sure about any note able profit.