My Review and Experience About Tradekey Goldkey Membership

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My Review and Experience About Tradekey Goldkey Membership
13 Jul 2018
Our company is yong yi products manufacturing co. We are a goldkey member at, Originally did not have a good impression on various platforms about tradekey reviews. Many show negative tradekey feedbacks and No matter whether it is foreign or domestic, many of them advertise far other than reality, and many of them just waste time and money by showing tradekey a ****. The return is not entirely proportional against tradekey premium membership but Tradekey and my KAM changed my mind. Tradekey provide me a pragmatic and very responsible Key Account Manager. Regardless of account operations or guest resources and contacts, he really helped us a lot with international companies. I just want to say that with the help of my manager and Tradekey we can really make our foreign traders feel good. I trust tradekey can maintain this kind of service. This is the real feeling of my use of Tradekey.
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Re: My Review and Experience About Tradekey Goldkey Membersh
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@F.Tiago Congratulations
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