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Help Needed.
1 Jan 2009
Hey Guys,

I'm brand new here, and I was hoping that someone could help me a bit. I work for a company that does business on Amazon, eBay, an Amazon webstore and wholesale.

I'm looking for an all integrated system but my demands are quite high, I was hoping there was a program that fits my needs and that someone here can help me find it. Here are a list of my requests in the order of importance with the highest importance being first.

1) The program should not charge a percentage fee. I don't care about the price of the monthly fee.
2) The program must integrate with ebay (US) and Amazon as well as wholesale inventory.
3) The program should hold inventory and should recognize bar codes. (and obviously reflect this online) (Bar codes for product returns is a major plus).
4) The system should be able to handle RMA's
5) The system should connect orders with emails so that you can track correspondence with a buyer.
6) The program should handle shipping and label printing. That obviously includes bulk shipping with USPS and UPS. (If not it must seamlessly integrate with ShipWorks.)
7) The system should respond to positive feedback and notify customers of tracking information.
8 ) I prefer a system that is desktop or server based rather than web based.
9) The system does NOT have to have an ebay lister. (If it does I would prefer one that can list html generated by a program we use for the auction page but have the option for scheduling and listing options (fixed / auction etc.).)
10) Detailed Amazon repricing would be nice.
11) Overstcok, and others are a bonus.

I hope that I haven't left anything out.

Thank you very much for your help.

Happy New Years!!

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