Solve your online store on credit card payment issue!

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Solve your online store on credit card payment issue!
23 Jul 2018
If you are a online store start-up or owner distraught about credit card payment, BillriantPay could be you best choice for payment processing!

Keep rapid, convenient and reliable, we have:
- PCI-DSS security certification(World Highest-level Financial institution security standard)
- Visa(QSP)/MasterCard/JCB/American Express Global processing partner
- UnionPay CFCA digital certificate
- Multi-layer Anti-fraud defense system to combat high risk transaction
- 256-bit SSL encryption
- Real-time payment processing
- Global currency supported
- Multi-language capability
- Support VISA, MASTER, JCB, AE, other major credit cards payment
- Support national local payments, including IDEAL/SOFORT/EBANX/QIWIWALLET/POLI/EPS
- Low cost fee
- Low transaction fee
- Dedicated professional provides 24*7 response

For more details, feel free to browse our website or contact me by!

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