Helpful when assessing new markets

A review of Algopix by arielguttman
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Helpful when assessing new markets
29 Jul 2018
Recently, I was considering selling to new markets and not just on Amazon in the States. I did not want to waste lots of time on researching other opportunities which is why I chose Algopix to help me. They support different Amazon marketplaces and also eBay in different countries (even though eBay wasn’t my focus). My idea was to see on which marketplace my current inventory also performs well. Thanks to Algopix’s bulk analysis I was able to upload a file with all my inventory and run it through their search. In the end I received data for my products on all kinds of markets and could see that selling in Canada was a promising alternative. Algopix’s data also helped me get an idea of how much taxes and shipping I have to pay so I could price my products correctly. All in all, it facilitated my research enormou
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