It helped me grow my business

A review of Algopix by shacharfish
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It helped me grow my business
30 Jul 2018
In the beginning of this year, I only had a handful of products in my sales mix. This was because it took me so long to find products that I felt comfortable with selling, i.e. had a good profit margin and I knew would sell. Everytime I added a new product to my inventory I tested it for a bit to see if my assumptions were right. This time consuming process made it very difficult for me to scale my business. A friend of mine then recommended me Algopix and I was surprised by how easy it is to use. I just have to type in a product and how much I pay for it and it gives me data on the product’s market and even gives a recommendation. With the help of Algopix I was able to widen my product range from below 10 products to almost double and keep profit margins up!
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