Management Software for eBay and own Web Site

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Management Software for eBay and own Web Site
6 Jan 2009
Hi there,

I have a B&M store and run two eBay shops. I find it hard to manage stock as most of it controlled from a couple of excel spreadsheets that get outdated within days and I am spending more time doing tedious admin tasks. I feel lack of back end system is stopping me from growing my online business.
But now I am looking to go back to drawing board and merge two eBay shops into one and create own web store also and rebrand the whole business at the same time.
The B&M store is not too important to take into equation as in the big scheme of things this channel of selling will not be there for too long.
I have briefly spoken to Channel Advisor and eSellerPro both of them offer good backend system. eSellerPro can also do a shopfront and web store and Channel Advisor have pointed me in the direction of Frooition for my shopfront and webstore design but I believe all these combinations want to take a lot of money off me in upfront cost and percentage of sales thereafter.
Although I am a powerseller I do think of myself as a newbie so not sure if I should be investing that kind of money straight away.
I guess the main concern I have is to be able to sell from both (eBay and own webstore) channels but from one inventory. Are there other (cheaper) solutions that someone can recommend or point me to the right direction?


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Re: Management Software for eBay and own Web Site
12 Jan 2009
If you want a low cost eBay/web store solution and are willing to get stuck into the technology then look at osCommerce (free store solution) or one of its variants (e.g. Zen Cart) and an eBay plug-in like Auction Lister Pro (free) or AuctionBlox eMarketConnect (not free).
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