Amazon Vendor Central Missing Returns

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Amazon Vendor Central Missing Returns
1 Aug 2018
I am a Vendor Central seller for a national brand. We previously were under Seller Central, but transitioned in February after being invited to upgrade. However, it seems less like an upgrade, and more like we're sending them product for free. Our relationship is rife with issues, but the major one is that they are sending return requests via email, and we are unable to see anything regarding these in the portal.

We have followed the instructions in the request email, called customer service (lol) and started a case. We have been told that our non-answers to the requests are taken as return authorizations by Amazon, and automatically approved. How can we approve/ignore something we NEVER see?! Also to note - the first request was in June, and we've never seen any product back into our warehouse. We don't know what items, or what their condition is. Only that they are "overstock".

Has anyone else had this issue? We're trying to settle our invoices, but we apparently have many thousands of dollars in returns that our pending, but we can't see them. Thanks!
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Re: Amazon Vendor Central Missing Returns
3 Aug 2018
@hermionegranger Request the ASINs of the products Amazon wants to return for overstock, especially if the products haven't been returned yet. You can also request when the product is to be returned via your support case.

A lot of emails regarding situations like this are automated, speaking with someone is quite difficult when you call the CS phone line. If you know your category buyer (usually referred to as Vendor/Category Manager) I would discuss the issue with this person. They can let you know what products and why, if it's regarding overstock it would probably be ASINs that are not selling for quite a while (you can check this information in your Retail Analytics page under reports.)

If you don't know your Category Manager, find out who this is. You can do it simply by creating a support case and ask who this individual is. I've realized when issues arise, working with the category manager is the easiest way to continue business and reduce dilemmas like this. They want the same thing as you, to grow the business and prevent operational set backs.

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Re: Amazon Vendor Central Missing Returns
7 Aug 2018
Hi @hermionegranger. Many businesses run into a lot of teething issues when jumping from seller to vendor. Some are down to the systems and others are down to expectations not being clearly set at the time sellers transition over.

Regarding returns, my first question would be what are you return rights with Amazon? Do they have full right of return on all inventory including overstocks? If they do unfortunately you are unable to reject these as these have been agreed to in the contract and Amazon will raise these automatically. The only way to get around this is to renegotiate the returns rights, although that is not easy and in many cases Amazon are not prepared to renegotiate.

You should also have visibility of these returns under the section Payments - Vendor Returns. However, if you have not yet received anything, it sounds like Amazon may have never processed the return. Although double check that no debit notes have been raised for stock you haven't received.

If you need more assistance, don't hesitate to contact me direct.


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