Announcing CRM Helpdesk for eBay & Amazon sellers

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Announcing CRM Helpdesk for eBay & Amazon sellers
2 Aug 2018
We're excited to announce that 3Dsellers just launched a long-awaited tool - CRM Helpdesk to improve eCommerce sellers' business performance.

This new opportunity allows eCommerce business owners have more control over their customer relations management by organizing all support tickets in one place.

Here's what we offer:

  • Inbox overview with advanced filtering capabilities
  • eBay & Amazon account integration
  • Full customer overview, including past conversations, items purchased and general buyer info
  • Message templates for the simplified response, easily filtered by categories
  • Auto-reply as well as vacation reply options

  • “We know online sellers face heightened numbers of customer tickets, increased service expectations, and rapidly-changing market conditions,” says Alex Flom, CEO, and Co-founder of 3Dsellers.“3Dsellers removes the need to manage an eBay business through different apps, providing an all-inclusive software and the CRM Helpdesk is the newest addition of an easy-to-implement solution to customer support. This release delivers eBay and Amazon sellers a solution to improve customer experience and maximize their business potential.”

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