replacement for turbo lister

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replacement for turbo lister
10 Jan 2009
Hi guys

looking for some advice please..... i currently use TL2 which now seems to have developed into some sort of tool to induce stress

i am looking to pay for some software to replace it but i have some pretty unusual requirements and wonder if anyone knows any software that could meet them (cost isnt really an issue)

i and my partner have two seller accounts but we both sell the same thing, we both have around 2000 saved templates for individual items, and i am finding that Turbo Lister keeps 'losing' the pictures for some (but not all) of the listings.

this is really frustrating as one of the saved templates might not get used for months.

there is also a lot of duplicated work creating templates which i would like to avoid if possible.

we also (between us) use 4 different computers to list from.

so ideally i want a package where i can (easily) transport the database from computer to computer and do bulk changes of things like paypal addresses etc.

any ideas gratefully received


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Re: replacement for turbo lister
12 Jan 2009
Hello Peter99, SpoonFeeder can import your listings and your pictures from the eBay Turbo Lister CSV export format and also can import your listings and pictures directly from what you have listed on eBay. Additionally SpoonFeeder supports bulk editing for rapidly changing hundreds or thousands of listings very quickly. You can install it on several computers and coordinate the programs for cooperation on the same eBay account. Because SpoonFeeder is a local client based program, its fast and responsive and you can easily organize and move folders and pictures around. Find more at our website We hope you will give SpoonFeeder a try.
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Re: replacement for turbo lister
13 Jan 2009
I have nearly the same requirements -----

SpoonFeeder was the answer for me. No joke - you'll find it does everything you're looking for.

I now use it for all my eBay listings (and I have 5 different uerid's; list some items that have not been touched for over 14 months).

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