Hello mates! Accused of feedback manipulation.

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Hello mates! Accused of feedback manipulation.
11 Jan 2009
I have benn going round and round with eBay for 4 years. I've tried to survive with ALL of their changes, and manipulations, lack of support, sneaky actions and lies. Right now I am suspended. Why? Their words: Feedback manipulation. I have never heard of it until I was suspended for it!!
I was selling 100 beautiful wallpaper images that I have taken or collected (royalty free) for 8 years. I was selling them as a Buy it now for 99 cents and free shipping, received as a zip file as soon as I received payment.
It seemed to go great, as I was selling 10-20 a day!!! Not making much-as I had to split about 40-60 with eBay [60% being eBay & Paypals cut.] So I need to sell at least 4 to make a dollar.
But the majority of buyers were 1) non-usa, 2) buying for fast feedback .
So this is what ebay found to be "Manipulation". I am ANGRY! I can't plead my case, because there is no support. Believe me I tried. I hate ebay.

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