Excellent piece of Software. Couldn't be without it.

A review of BuyBotPro by andy594
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Excellent piece of Software. Couldn't be without it.
21 Aug 2018
I've been using Buy Bot Pro on a daily basis for 4 months and could not do without it now.

It swiftly and accurately analyses my OA deals and enables me to quickly make an informed buying decision.

Without a doubt it has helped my buying process and stopped me making silly mistakes. It has also speeded up my decision making time so I can quickly work through more potential deals to find the best money makers.

It instantly gives me a Yes / No decision red or green box along with some Detail on the decision. It will flag up Gated Categories and Hazmat.The deal analysing criteria is fully customisable to your own criteria - eg you can input your own Margins, ROI, Minimum Profit etc which allows me to be very specific.

The Estimated Sales Calculator is a relatively new feature and helps me decide on quantity to purchase.

Support and Advice from the BBP team is fantastic. It's a game changing one stop shop for all my OA analysis which has helped me grow my Business with confidence. Its worth every penny and I would be lost without it.

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