Amazing, Gamechanging Product For Amazon Sellers

A review of BuyBotPro by kathy793
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Amazing, Gamechanging Product For Amazon Sellers
22 Aug 2018
As an Amazon seller I struggle to know which products to buy. This software basically does all the analyzing for me. I used to spend so much time on just one product trying to decide whether to sell it or not. Now I spend seconds and just whip through my list. I was paying for a lot of other software to try to be able to gauge the number of sales a product would have. But I no longer need those as I find the sales predictions with this software to be more accurate than any other software out there. I started using this software when it was first available and I can't believe how many new features have been added since I have been using it. My favorite is the the "score" the software gives to a product and now there are three reasons given as to why BuyBotPro either likes it or hates it. I love it. No more guessing. The software dives deep into the data and sees things I would never figure out. I also love just clicking on the export button and having it copy all the pertinent info over to a spreadsheet. I went through 240 products in less than two hours last week. Before BuyBotPro that would have taken a couple of days. It has take my Amazon business to a new level and I haven't made any buying mistakes since I started using it. I highly recommend this product to all Amazon sellers.
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