Wow! Your one stop shop for deal checking !!

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Wow! Your one stop shop for deal checking !!
22 Aug 2018
Like everyone who does Amazon FBA, we all need to vaidate details but it means subscribing to many different apps to get the info needed. Not anymore ! Not only does BBP tell you your profit, it gives you a deal score, tells you if Amazon are likely to deem it Hazmat, advises how many sell over a month as well as 90 days, tells you whether you're eligible to even sell the item in the first place! and my favourite bit - allows you to save the deal you just checked out - to your own Googlesheet with a click of a button! it works out the VAT, tells you your break even cost and you can set your own deal criteria; tell it your purchasing budget and it will even suggest what quanity to buy. I'm really not sure how we lived without BuyBotPro !
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