Amazon Seller Tools and Services: The Essential Guide

From repricers to managing feedback and using consultants, Alex Knight explains the different Amazon seller tools and services available.

Amazon Seller Tools

Selling on Amazon is hard. The level of competition and the number of hoops that Amazon want sellers to jump through make it almost impossible to survive without automating and optimizing some parts of the process.

Luckily there are tools and services that can help with almost every stage. Whether you’re just launching your product, sending stock to FBA or trying to get your Amazon account back after a suspension, there’s something in the directory for you.

In this post, I’ll be walking you through the Amazon Selling category of the Web Retailer directory, explaining what tools there are for Amazon sellers in each section and how you can benefit from using them.

What Amazon Seller Tools and Services Are Out There?

In the Web Retailer directory, we cover the following categories:


Automatic repricing tools are commonly used by Amazon sellers who sell products on competitive listings alongside a number of other sellers. Often on these listings, price is the only way for sellers to differentiate themselves, and the buyer is very often going to pick the cheapest product.

To make sure that they remain competitive, sellers use automatic repricers, which alter your price when certain changes occur, or conditions are met. For example, your repricer might be set to match the lowest price. So, if your competitor drops his price by 10 cents and now has the lowest price, the repricer will lower yours to match.

When you’re trying to choose an automatic repricing tool, there are a few factors other than price that you need to consider.

The first is what type of repricer you want to invest in. Traditionally, this has been a choice between algorithmic, where you simply enter your minimum price, and rules-based repricing, which gives you more control.

The second factor, is how often the repricer will check for price changes. If you’re on a highly competitive listing you’ll want it to search far more frequently than on a less competitive one.

Browse the directory for Repricing tools including reviews, news, related discussions, compatibility information and pricing.

Current listings include Seller Snap, xSellco Repricer, Feedvisor, RepricerExpress, Appeagle, Sellery, PricingLab Smart Price and AlphaRepricer.

Feedback & Reviews

In this category of the directory, you will find Amazon seller tools that help with feedback and product reviews.

The bulk of the tools in this section are for feedback solicitation. This is largely down to the fact that organic feedback levels are notoriously low on Amazon, so sellers often need help with getting more reviews.

Feedback solicitation tools send automated emails to buyers after they have made a purchase. Ideally, you want a tool that has well-written templates that are effective and ready to use without too much editing. You will also want the tool to be flexible around when it sends these messages, and which buyers it sends them to, as you wouldn’t want to send a feedback request to a buyer who has just complained about late delivery.

When you’ve got reviews coming in, you need to be able to manage them, and this is where review management tools like BQool Review Central. These tools collate all of your product reviews in one place. You can then generate reports to help spot any recurring issues with your products, for example.

If buyers are leaving negative reviews you may also want to use a review matching tool to find out which buyer has left the review. This isn’t always obvious, as a buyer’s real name and their Amazon username can be very different.

Review matching tools used to very successful and relied on matching the buyer ID from the order details with that of the reviewer. However, on October 26th, Amazon changed its HTML layout and hid the buyer ID. This has meant the majority of tools are either far less accurate now, or can’t match reviews at all. Some though have found new ways to match buyer IDs and are claiming a good level of success with this.

Why would you want to match reviews to buyers? The idea is that you can approach the customer and try to resolve the situation, but you do need to be careful with how your phrase your message as asking directly for a review to be changed is prohibited.

Browse the directory for tools to help with Feedback & Reviews including reviews, news, related discussions, compatibility information and pricing.

Current listings include xSellco Feedback, Feedback Express, ManageByStats, AMZ Europe, Efficient Era, Sellics, Feedback Genius, AMZFinder and MarketHustl.

Listing Management

Listing management tools are generally designed to help you either list to Amazon, add your offering to an existing listing, or alert you when something changes on your listings.

Some of the listings in this category are aimed at particular business models. For example, ScanLister is a tool for sellers of books and other media on Amazon. Sellers of used books (and other media products such as video games) only have one of each item, which is not as simple to list as 100 units of the same SKU. Tools like ScanLister make this process faster by allowing sellers to scan the book, choose the condition and then list the product in one optimized workflow.

As well as there being specialized Amazon listing tools in this category, listing management functions are included in most inventory management solutions. You will find InventoryLab in this category, for example, because it is a specialized tool for Amazon sellers, but there are also many multichannel management tools with listing management functions that are compatible with Amazon.

The final type of tools in the listing management category are monitoring tools, which send automated alerts when something changes on your listing. This could be that Amazon has suppressed your listing or that another seller is adding their product to your listing, in an attempt to hijack it. In both cases, because you know straight away, it means you can take action quickly.

Browse the directory for Listing Management tools including reviews, news, related discussions, compatibility information and pricing.

Current listings include JoeLister, SellerEngine and AMZAlert.

Product Photography

In this category, you will find tools and services to help produce and edit product photos. These tools are not general-purpose photo-editing tools, like Photoshop, but ones focused specifically on product photography for ecommerce.

Amazon’s catalog-driven approach means that sellers of generic, commodity products usually add their offer to listings that already exist and so rarely need to have their own product images. Because of this, these tools are more suited to private labelers, who are using their own product photography as a way to differentiate themselves from rival listings.

If you are adding a new line of products, or just different versions of existing products, these tools help you to edit images in bulk and very quickly have good quality product photographs ready to use.

Browse the directory for Product Photography tools and services including reviews, news, related discussions, compatibility information and pricing.

Current listings include, FotoKiss and PhotoPrep.

Marketing & Optimization

Whether it’s optimizing your advertising campaigns, boosting your search ranking, or increasing your conversion rate, the Amazon seller tools in this category are all designed to help you improve the way you sell.

In terms of marketing tools, these focus on optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns to reduce your costs and increase your sales. This might be by providing keyword suggestions, producing reports on how your ads are performing, or by giving detailed recommendations of when to increase or decrease your bids. Read our detailed walkthrough of Amazon keyword tools.

Other tools in this category focus on helping you make the most of the organic traffic that your listing receives. This includes tools that will help you find relevant keywords to include in your listing, and tools that can find the keywords that your competitors are using. There are also fully outsourced services that can write optimized titles and product descriptions for your listings, to help your product rank better in search.

If you’re looking to improve your conversion rate, then Splitly is a unique A/B testing tool for Amazon listings. You start by creating different versions of your listing, for instance listings with different titles, images, descriptions or prices. Splitly then tests the different variations and calculates which version converts best.

The tools in this category tend to be used mainly by private labelers, or other types of sellers who “own” their listings. This is largely because sellers of generic products, who offer their products on listings with multiple sellers, aren’t usually going to put a lot of effort into marketing when the sale could actually go to a competitor.

Browse the directory for Marketing & Optimization tools including reviews, news, related discussions, compatibility information and pricing.

Current listings include River Cleaner, AMZ Europe, AmzDataStudio, Efficient Era, Prestozon, Sellics, Helium 10 and Ignite.


In this category, you’ll mostly find analytics and reporting tools that are designed specifically for Amazon sellers, but there are a few that work with Amazon alongside other marketplaces. These are important Amazon seller tools, as they allow sellers to see how their business is performing and what actions they can take to improve it.

Sellers can also breakdown their performance on Amazon and see how they are doing in certain categories, how an individual product is performing, and learn more about their customer base.

Browse the directory for Analytics tools including reviews, news, related discussions, compatibility information and pricing.

Current listings include ManageByStats, Efficient Era, Sellics, Euessentials, Forecastly, Sales Channel Reports, SellerWit and ForecastRx.

FBA Inbound

When you sell products as merchant fulfilled on Amazon, the process is quite straight-forward: list the product, get an order, ship the order. But using FBA adds another stage to the process, that isn’t there when you do your own fulfillment – getting your stock into Amazon’s warehouses.

This can be tricky, as there are a number of strict rules that your stock must meet in order to be accepted at the Fulfillment Center. Failure to meet these could result in Amazon rejecting your stock and mean you’ll have to pay to have it all returned.

So, in this category of the directory you will find tools to help you manage getting your products sent into FBA. For example, there a number of tools that make it easier to print FBA labels and FNKSU barcodes by converting Amazon label files to PDF files that are compatible with thermal printers.

Also included in this category, are tools that audit your FBA reports and detect mistakes that Amazon have made but not corrected. These could be errors like not issuing refunds for missing items, or charging you the wrong fees.

Browse the directory for FBA Inbound tools and services including reviews, news, related discussions, compatibility information and pricing.

Current listings include Refunds Manager, Helium 10 and AMZ Labels.

FBA Prep Services

Just getting your stock ready to send into FBA can be both difficult and time consuming, which leads some sellers to outsource their FBA prep to a third party.

It is not just a case of sending all of your stock to an FBA prep service though, as they offer differing levels of assistance.

At a basic level, an FBA Prep service will receive your stock, unbox it, inspect the items, log the inventory, label it, and send it into FBA. If you want them to do additional tasks, like bundle your products, create multi-packs, or add production information inserts, then this is going to cost you more.

Some FBA prep services also offer storage facilities, allowing sellers to send stock into FBA in smaller batches, based on sales velocity. This can lower storage fees, and allow any product issues that are reported by buyers to be addressed more easily.

Browse the directory for FBA Prep Services including reviews, news, related discussions and pricing.

Current listings include Efulfillmentpro, FBA Ship UK and FBA inspection.

Product Launch

When you start selling a new product on Amazon, you can use a product launch tool to give it a boost and help make sure it is visible to buyers. As you get more sales, your search ranking will improve and by the time you finish using the product launch tool, the idea is that your product should rank well organically.

In the past, these tools have been connected with incentivized giveaways but since Amazon banned incentivized reviews, this has ceased.

Now, they focus heavily on using social media. One method is to create a landing page, which you can direct people to from social media or a blog, that offers a discount code for your product. These are easy to create as you simply enter your ASIN and the tool will generate a landing page for you.

Other methods of promotion include featuring your products on shopping discount sites, holding giveaways (without asking for a review) and creating Video Shorts for your Amazon listings.

Browse the directory for Product Launch tools and services including reviews, news, related discussions, compatibility information and pricing.

Current listings include MarketHustl, Jump Send and Snagshout.

Amazon Consultants

In this category of the directory you will find Amazon consultants. They can help you with many different aspects of selling on Amazon, but they generally fall under four areas.

The first is suspension consultants, who specialize in getting accounts or listings reinstated after they have been suspended by Amazon. They will provide a Plan of Action, appeal letters and usually handle escalations if they are required. Some also deal with account protection and can audit seller accounts to assess your metrics and give you advice on keeping your account safe.

Other consultants are more focused on optimization, and aim to help your Amazon business sell more products. This could be by optimizing the content of your listings to improve your search ranking, increasing your conversion rate, or managing your ad campaigns.

The third area is international sales. These consultants help you expand onto Amazon’s global marketplaces by offering services such as listing translation, and giving sellers advice on areas like shipping, order fulfillment and VAT.

The final type of consultant in the directory is those who help existing brands and manufacturers to sell their products on Amazon. This could be a managed service, where they run your Amazon account for you or it could be on a consultancy basis, where you manage your own Amazon account and they give you advice on the best strategies to use.

Browse the directory for Amazon Consultants including reviews, news, related discussions and pricing.

Current listings include Thompson & Holt, Cascadia Seller Solutions, ecommerceChris, Buy Box Experts and SellerEngine Services.

In Closing

There’s no doubt that using Amazon seller tools and services can make selling on Amazon easier, but they can also be a key driver in helping your business to grow. This might be because they handle simple but time consuming tasks, help to increase your sales, or provide you with expertise that you don’t have.

It is also worth noting that while all the tools here are typically standalone offerings that specialize in one or two areas, if you use a multi-channel or order management system, you may find that an equivalent feature is available there. Repricing, listing management, and analytics are features that are quite often available in those tools. Their features might not be as sophisticated as those in standalone tools, but it’s worth making sure you are aware of what functions are available before looking to invest in other tools.

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