Amazon Suspensions Roundup 2018: Horror Stories and How to Appeal a Suspension

Amazon Suspension Roundup

One of the most popular topics on Web Retailer is being banned from selling on Amazon. It’s an emotional experience. One seller described his state on the day he found out he was suspended as, “confused, destroyed, anger, sadness, extreme worry”.

Sadly, Amazon account suspensions are very common. Sellers often have misconceptions about suspensions and post incorrect advice on social media and seller forums. It is important to separate the facts from the myths in order to maximize your chances of being reinstated.

In this 2018 roundup we have pulled together articles covering everything you need to know about Amazon suspensions.

1. Suspension horror stories

Car Crash

In only eight months, James Fend built a $50,000 per month business selling private label products on Amazon. He lost it overnight, and never found out why. Read his story and find out how he got his account reinstated.

How Suspension Crashed My Amazon Sales From $50K To Zero

Mike Young is an online seller based in London, England. His business lost all of its Amazon sales, thanks to the black hat tactics of an “online marketing expert” hired by a competitor. It started with a false claim of trademark infringement, then turned into policy warnings, a stream of fake negative reviews, and finally suspension from selling on Amazon.

A Competitor Destroyed My Amazon Selling Account. It Could Happen to Anyone.

We all know that Amazon is a competitive marketplace. But some sellers will take things underground and try to shoot down their competitors using a range of dirty tricks. Tactics range from leaving negative reviews on competing products to switching genuine items with counterfeits, then making inauthentic item claims to Amazon.

Dirty Tricks Pulled by Amazon Sellers… on Other Amazon Sellers

2. How to appeal your suspension

Amazon Suspension Plan of Action

Chris McCabe, a former Investigation Specialist for Amazon’s Seller Performance team, and founder of, has written several pertinent and practical guides on how to deal with Amazon account suspension.

Connor Gillivan gives practical advice on how to decipher why you were suspended, how to structure your formal appeal letter and how to escalate your appeal letter to the next level if you aren’t getting a proper response from the Seller Performance team.

How to Decipher Your Amazon Suspension and Write a Compelling Appeal

3. Amazon is getting tougher

Amazon Product Review Abuse

There have been a lot of changes regarding how Amazon suspends accounts, and how they evaluate appeals for reinstatement. One such change is trialing a stricter policy on seller account suspension. The window for appeal and number of appeals can both be severely limited.

17 Days or 2 Strikes: Amazon Gets Tougher on Suspension Appeals

Helpful product reviews written by Amazon customers have been at the heart of the Amazon marketplace from the beginning. But some sellers abuse the reviews system to boost their own listings. Amazon has no interest in seeing their well-established product review system falling by the wayside and they’re cracking down on review manipulation.

Amazon Making Sellers Squeal on Product Review Abusers

Amazon are applying a stringent new invoice verification process. This article explains how it works so you can make sure you’ll pass.

7 Steps to Pass Amazon’s New Invoice Verification Process

4. How to protect your business

Many suspensions can be prevented by following key best practices. In this article, Peter Kearns looks at how businesses can manage and prevent suspensions.

Protecting Your Amazon Business: Tips From an Insider

Travis Stockman discusses five causes of suspension sellers are often unaware of, from account hacking to not complying with federal regulations.

Five Things You Didn’t Know Could Get Your Amazon Account Suspended

In March 2017, Amazon suspension insurance was first introduced to the market. Surprisingly, many sellers have remained on the fence. In this article we explain the whole process, from applying for a policy through to making a claim when you have been suspended.

How Does InsuraTech Amazon Suspension Insurance Work?

Under the Monitor & Protect service from Thompson & Holt, Amazon sellers can get protection of up $70,000 if they are suspended due to no fault of their own. This includes account health notifications to help sellers avoid suspension in the first place.

Amazon Seller Suspension and Cancellation Cover Now Available Worldwide

I hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup. What else should we cover on the topic of Amazon account suspension? Let me know in the comments below.

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