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Multi-Million FBA and Private Label Seller Will Tjernlund

Will Tjernlund

In 2014 Will Tjernlund and his brother Andrew sold $6 million of products on They also generated around $1 million of sales on eBay, and half a million on their own webstores.

The year before, 2013, they sold around $1.2 million on Amazon. That was also the year Will graduated from the University of Minnesota, doubling the business’s full-time headcount from one to two.

How can two people drive that kind of sales volume? Well, the Tjernlunds’ business model is to develop their own “private label” items – lower-cost versions of products that they sell under their own brand names. They buy from manufacturers in China, and send the inventory into Amazon’s FBA fulfillment service. That’s the last time they have to handle their own stock.

I spoke to Will Tjernlund about how he got into selling online, his product development process, the merits of FBA, and what’s next for the business. Here’s what he told me.

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Real Ecommerce: 50,000 Visits Thanks to Sex on Furniture

True Interior: Paul Rogers and Rob Carter

True Interior’s Story: Part I

Editor’s Note: This is the first part in a series going behind the scenes at a brand new ecommerce website called True Interior. Co-founders Paul Rogers and Rob Carter are frank about the challenges (and successes) their ecommerce business has faced. Catch up on all the True Interior posts here.

In this part, Paul tells the story.

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John Lawson on Social Commerce

John Lawson With Stock

There are many ways to market an online store, but these days one seems to get all the attention – promoting your business through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It’s called social commerce.

Social networks are free and familiar, and get huge amounts of traffic. But it’s hard to be heard above all the noise, and easy to waste a lot of time. So what’s the right way to do social commerce?

To find out, I spoke to veteran seller and social commerce expert John Lawson. Besides his eBay store 3rd Power Outlet, John is a keynote speaker at ecommerce events, multiple winner of Small Business Influencer Awards, and author of Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-preneurs.

John was outspoken about the challenges and opportunities of social media for online sellers, and I’m delighted that I can share his expertise here.

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