Featured Member: DayToDayeBay

Prabhat Shah

This month’s featured member is daytodayebay, also known as Prabhat Shah to his friends and neighbours in Newport, Wales!

Prabhat is a relative newcomer to the site but has made a big impact, bringing a lot of useful knowledge and a great helpful attitude.

I asked Prabhat a few questions about himself. Here’s what he told me.

Where can we find you online?

I tweet as @day2dayebay and I am also available on LinkedIn. My websites are DayToDayeBay and Online Seller Wales.

Where are you based?

I am based in South Wales. Prior to this I was in Nepal working with Lalgadh Leprosy Services Centre in Southern Nepal, a UK-based Christian agency.

What do you do and how did you get into it?

I run DayToDayeBay helping UK businesses sell online particularly through marketplaces (eBay and Amazon) alongside developing a digital strategy for their own website.

I also run the Online Seller Wales meet-up group (OSW) which gives the opportunity to get together and talk about the opportunities and challenges of being onlineĀ sellers. Each event has a range of topics that include anything and everything related to onlineĀ selling, from eBay, Amazon and Rakuten Play to SEO, email marketing and Google Shopping Ads. All events are free for retailers and will always remain so.

I admire the free resources made available by Hubspot which inspired me to do what I am doing now.

What’s your current focus and what do you hope to achieve in the future?

My current focus is to help make small businesses aware how marketplaces can help their online business grow. I am working towards taking this message throughout the UK with OSW events.

What’s your biggest achievement?

Being able to help 100+ UK businesses sell online through the free OSW events, and winning the Guinness Word Record for the most nationalities in a nativity play!

What are your top tips for selling online?

The best way to succeed online is to sell on marketplaces alongside developing your own website.

What websites, books or blogs do you recommend?

I recommend the following free resources:

It is good to attend local online seller meet-up groups to help give you confidence in what you are doing. It is not always necessary to do what the experts say in meet ups, but test it out and do what works best for you.

Thank you Prabhat for being a featured member!

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