eBay Roundup: Cassini, Conversion, Software and Sales

eBay Roundup

Over the past two years we’ve covered selling on eBay from many different angles, from Cassini and conversion to software tools, listing design and markdown sales. Here’s a roundup of our best posts focused on eBay.

Also see our Seller Stories and Supplier Profiles – many of those interviewed are also authorities on eBay selling.

The World’s Top eBay Sellers

Our third annual list of the top 1,000 eBay sellers worldwide. Includes top 500 lists for the US, UK, Australia, Germany and China, and statistics on cross-border trade.

Worlds Top eBay Sellers 2016

The Top 10 Headaches When Selling on eBay at Scale

Jonathan Pollard from Codisto wrote about the challenges of high-volume selling on eBay, with some great strategies and tools to overcome the difficulties.

Headaches Selling on eBay at Scale

20 Years in eBay Software: An Interview with SixBit’s John Slocum

John Slocum created the first software tool for eBay sellers back in 1997, and has continued creating eBay software to this day both inside and outside eBay itself.

SixBit Team

Boost Your eBay Store With Markdown Sales Promotions

Lahav Gan at CampaignGo wrote about how to create sales on eBay, including rules and tips for creating markdowns in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Boost Your eBay Store With Markdown Sales Promotions

How We Got the Highest Conversion Rates on eBay

Victor Levitin from CrazyLister has helped a wide range of eBay sellers improve their conversion rates. In this post, he presents case studies from the work he has done.

Crazy Lister Founders

Getting Seen on eBay: 18 Tips for Cracking the Cassini Search Engine

Carlo Silva from 2nd Office wrote about eBay’s Cassini search engine, for businesses whose sales dropped after the Cassini search engine was released.

eBay Cassini Search Engine

How to Choose an eBay Store and Listing Designer

In this post I looked into custom eBay listing and store design. I covered the benefits of a custom design, the typical design process and how to choose a designer.

Paints on shelf

Expert Tips for eBay Sellers Starting Their Own Webstore

I spoke to a dozen sellers, suppliers and experts about what marketplace sellers should look out for when starting their own online shop.

Expert Voices May 2014

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