Marketing Roundup: Social Media, PPC, Conversion and More

Marketing roundup

Many of the demands of marketplace selling are technical and process-driven: rules, systems, and software automation. It’s geeky stuff.

Marketing, on the other hand, takes skills in creativity, salesmanship and psychology. It’s a different world.

Or so you may think.

There is a need for all that in marketing, but it’s not all about creativity and intuition. Like anything else, marketing skills can be learned. And a lot of online marketing is actually very technical.

So here’s a roundup of our past posts on marketing: eBay optimization, Amazon advertising, social media, PPC and more. Geek or not, I hope you find it useful!

eBay Optimization

Getting Seen on eBay: 18 Tips for Cracking Cassini

eBay Cassini Search Engine

Carlo Silva looks at eBay’s search engine and Best Match ranking algorithm in detail. Read it here.

Boost Your eBay Store With Markdown Sales Promotions

Boost Your eBay Store With Markdown Sales Promotions

How to create eBay sales easily and quickly. Why markdowns are beneficial to your eBay business, and various options and strategies. Read it here.

How We Got the Highest Conversion Rates on eBay

Crazy Lister Founders

How to improve your eBay listings’ conversion rate, with case studies from three real sellers who optimized their listings and boosted sales. Read it here.

Amazon Sponsored Products

Social Media

9 Myths About Using Social Media for Business

Social Media Mythbuster

Social networking is an integral part of business, but there’s a lot of hype out there about it. The top 9 myths about social media for business. Read it here.

John Lawson on Social Commerce

John Lawson With Stock

An interview with ecommerce expert John Lawson about social commerce – promoting your business through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Read it here.


Marketing Tips

24 Tips For Marketing Your Own Web Store

Colourful baby steps

Twenty ecommerce sellers, consultants and suppliers give their top tips for getting started marketing your own web store. Read it here.

Q&A on Ecommerce Marketing: SEO, Email, Social

John Hayes Presenting

Marketing expert and author John W. Hayes answers questions on SEO, social media and email marketing. Read it here.

How Pawstruck Markets Across Multiple Channels

Pawstruck Interview

Kyle Goguen, founder of natural dog treats company Pawstruck, sells on his own website, Amazon and eBay and is passionate about all aspects of ecommerce. Read it here.

Marketing Theory

In Closing

I hope you’ve found this roundup useful. Good luck with all your marketing efforts!

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